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Lost points of intervention in Pathways to single adult homelessness in Hamilton

Lost points of intervention in Pathways to single adult homelessness in Hamilton is a local research presentation by Carole McMinn (Strategic Analyst), The People’s Project.

Despite a broad consensus in international and local literature about contributing factors that raise the risk of homelessness, many misconceptions remain about which specific factors have contributed to homelessness in New Zealand. Policy responses to homelessness in this country focus on a person’s need for adequate housing as this is the prime presenting issue.  However, many who experience homelessness have complex existing background issues that have also contributed to them becoming homeless, and these are equally important targets for policy responses.

Those who are single adults (18 years or over), without dependent children and homeless are often those found living in the most precarious circumstances. This cohort is the focus of this presentation. The research was carried out in 2019 in Hamilton, New Zealand involving interviews with 100 participants engaged with The People’s Project, a Housing First service in this town.

Although everyone’s circumstances were unique, results revealed a series of commonly occurring disruptive events throughout participants’ lives, starting for some as early as 6 years old, and a generalizable pathway to single adult homelessness. Various other contributing factors and trigger events were also identified. Additionally, participants provided recommendations about critical points of intervention along this pathway, which provides important implications for policy responses in this context. Critically, the voice of those with lived experience is well represented in this research.

Self-care note: This presentation includes a discussion about physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, neglect, domestic violence, suicidality, self-harming, and other adverse and traumatic life experiences. If attendees are struggling with any of these issues, please consider if attending this presentation is right for you at this time.

Presenter/ Provider

Carole McMinn (Strategic Analyst) – The People’s Project




20 July 2022 – 9.30 am to 10.15 am

7 September – 9.30 am to 10.15 am

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