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Special Projects - Comms and Engagement

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Felicity Beadle

Felicity’s career journey has been inspired by her father who never walked. Seeing firsthand the impact of inequity and lack of inclusion gave her a strong drive to forge a career that was based on doing meaningful work each and every day.

With a childhood marked by school reports suggesting that she “talked too much” and armed with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Otago, it’s no surprise that Felicity works developing marketing, communications, and engagement for organisations with a commitment to social impact.

Over three decades of work and study include a Rotary career study exchange to Brazil, completing postgraduate studies in nonprofit management, Thought Leaders Business School, and working with prominent organizations across Aotearoa. Felicity firmly believes that the heartbeat of a brand is the ability to communicate authentically and engage sincerely. She finds supporting great leadership teams and organisations to deliver effective communications and engagement both energising and a privilege.

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