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Maiea, Tāiki E!

Taking a second breath on our journey

‘Push play’ to explore Maiea, Tāiki E!, our vision, beliefs, how we work collectively, and our priorities. Pause the video whenever you need – take your time.

We welcome your feedback on what you see among the pages of Maiea, Tāiki E! It’s a living document and by working together we will continue to enhance our approach and delivery to achieve better outcomes for all whānau.

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Why did we develop a Māori-led strategy?

Our data (since launching in March 2017 to May 2023) shows that 54% of whānau accessing the services of the Housing First Auckland Collective (HFAC) are whānau Māori.

The over-representation of whānau Māori experiencing homelessness is due to colonisation and its ongoing impacts. It is important that whānau Māori who are experiencing homelessness are provided access to wrap-around support services to enable them to achieve their dreams and aspirations. It is also important that Te Ao Māori approaches and practices are offered to whānau Māori to support their journey towards whānau whakapuāwai: to flourish.

Co-creating Maiea, Tāiki E!

A Te Ao Māori approach – one that was inclusive and dynamic – was adopted to co-create Maiea, Tāiki E! We acknowledge our whakapapa and the contributions of those who have gone before us to pave the way so that we could embark on the Maiea, Tāiki E! work and journey.

We were determined to get this strategy right. We consulted widely and resisted the urge or any pressure to rush our process. The HFAC Backbone led and facilitated wānanga, hui, kanohi ki te kanohi interviews with lived experience whānau and wide kōrero to harvest the wisdom and creativity of the diverse minds across the Collective. During 2022 and 2023 we:

  • Held the inaugural workshop to set the foundation for our ongoing co-creation work on our Māori-led strategy with our kaupapa Māori leaders from across the Collective.
  • Facilitated a workshop with the Chief Executives from HFAC to gather their guidance, insights and aspirations for the strategy.
  • Brought both the kaupapa Māori leaders and Chief Executives together to discuss the data, early-stage thinking, feedback and aspirations for the strategy.
  • Reviewed and analysed emerging themes from these workshops to develop a clear and inspiring vision. This overarching theme and vision led the way to conduct more in-depth work with kaimahi, whānau we support and all staff to understand their hopes and dreams for the strategy, beliefs, and priorities.
  • Took our co-creation journey on the road, offering a series of roadshows for kaimahi, peer support workers, and staff from each of the Collective organisations to join and participate in.
  • Conducted a series of kanohi ki te kanohi interviews with lived experience whānau to better understand their hopes, dreams, and aspirations.
  • In April 2023, CEs, kaupapa Māori leaders, peer support workers, kaimahi and staff from across the Collective joined together for an incredible day of speakers and workshops at Ōrākei Marae in Tāmaki makaurau. Here, over 100 staff actively participated in workshops that focused on refining the strategy priorities.
  • A large body of in-depth analysis followed all workshops, interviews and roadshows, to identify common themes and inform the priorities that are central to Maiea, Tāiki E! and the future work of HFAC.

Maiea, Tāiki E! reflects and represents all those who came together, held space for one another, courageously questioned, generously shared, authentically listened, and gave feedback to create a strategy that we believe in and are proud of.

Tātou kitenga – Our Vision

A just and caring Aotearoa where all people have a place to call ‘home’ to achieve their life aspirations and live their full potential: whānau whakapuāwai 

Our vision became the guiding star and foundation upon which Maiea, Taiki E! was built.  We unapologetically believe that everyone should have a place to call ‘home’. This overarching aspiration gives purpose and direction for everything we do. Our vision helped in setting a kete of priorities that we will work together on over the longer term. Our Collective is unified in the simplicity yet power of this vision. It serves as a constant motivation, inspiration, and daily reminder of where we are headed and why.

We encourage our partners, funders and all people across Aotearoa to join us and embrace this vision.  


Breathing life into Maiea, Tāiki E!

On 1 September 2023, Maiea, Tāiki E! was officially launched and blessed at an event attended by Hon. Marama Davidson (Associate Minister of Housing, Homelessness), funders, partners, and CEs, kaupapa Māori leaders, peer support workers and kaimahi from across the Collective.

We are wasting no time in getting started! The Backbone has begun work to develop a cultural competency framework and training programme to support the priority that seeks to deepen our relationships with Te Ao Māori, Hapori Māori, Iwi and Hapū. We’ve kicked off ‘Good Reporting’ – a data and reporting project to strengthen our ability to track and report progress, inform ongoing strategic planning and support continuous improvement across the Collective. This will play a critical role in the priority that seeks to demonstrate the value of our mahi and drive equity. Research is underway to identify what’s needed to minimise risk and enhance the health and safety of whānau we support. We’ll be identifying external partners who can help us to keep whānau well and safe, working towards the priority: Partner with communities, organisations, and government to achieve better social, health, employment, and stable housing outcomes for whānau. There is much to be done in this new era for Housing First Auckland Collective. In the words of peer support worker, Richard Turipa:

One person homeless is one person too many.”

From left to right: Fiona Hamilton (Chief Executive, LinkPeople), Haehaetu Barrett (Chief Executive, Lifewise), Hon. Marama Davidson (Associate Minister of Housing (Homelessness), Lisa Woolley (Chief Executive, Visionwest) and Helen Robinson (Chief Executive, Auckland City Mission ) at the launch of Maiea, Tāiki E! on 1 September 2023.


Maiea, Tāiki E! is a name gifted to our Māori-led strategy by Matua Fred Astle (Tainui). We are honoured to embrace this gift and draw on the inspiration and energy of a ‘second breath’ for our work ahead.

Special thanks to HFAC Chief Executives, kaupapa Māori leaders, kaimahi and staff across the Collective, peer support workers, and whānau. You all gave so generously to ensure that our Māori-led strategy is appropriate and aspirational. We couldn’t have done it without you.

We acknowledge the talent and artwork of Richard Turipa which has inspired many of the design elements woven into Maiea, Tāiki E!

Thanks to Visionwest for kindly hosting the launch events for Maiea, Tāiki E! by generously providing your venue and support.

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