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How to help with substance use impacts

Providing you with knowledge, skills and confidence in knowing how to recognize and respond to people and whānau impacted by problematic substance use


How to help with substance use impacts is a workshop for workers in community organisations who already have some basic understanding of problematic substance use. The workshop is a progression from the Addiction 101 course provided by Blueprint and will help workers to:

  • recognise harmful and risky substance use
  • respond safely to substance use issues
  • understand harm reduction approaches
  • support safer withdrawal management.

The workshop will explore:

  • practical strategies to support an intoxicated person with disturbed behaviour
  • how to support a person in withdrawal from alcohol, methamphetamine, and synthetic cannabinoids
  • how to provide harm reduction advice.
Who should attend

Those who have completed Addiction 101® and who want to learn more about supporting whānau with drug and alcohol addiction and abuse.


Te Pou

Date/ Time

20 August 2024, 9.00am- 4.00 pm



Registration via Te Pou

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