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MSD services training series

Housing First Auckland and Community Housing Aotearoa in partnership with the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) will host a series of four online training sessions for practitioners working in the housing and homelessness sector.

  • Session 1: Public Housing Assessment

This session will provide an overview of how the priority rating is assessed, bedroom allocation and how letting areas impact a person’s ability to be matched.

  • Session 2: Work and Income 101

This session will provide an overview of benefits, supplements and hardship and payments.

  • Session 3: Emergency Housing

This session will provide an overview of emergency housing, including pathways to alternative accommodation, contributions, and support.

  • Session 4: Products and services to support people in private rentals

This session will include information on products and services to support private rentals including rent arrears, bonds, supplements and sustaining tenancies.

Housing First Auckland, Community Housing Aotearoa, and the Ministry of Social Development

Facilitators/ Presenters
Anne Goodall (Ministry of Social Development)
Judith Gawler-Lata (Ministry of Social Development)
Amanda Kelly (Community Housing Aotearoa)
Rami Alrudaini (Housing First Auckland)


Date/ Time
4 May 2022 (session 4)
1 June 2022 (session 1)
29 June 2022 (session 2)
27 July 2022 (session 3)
24 August 2022 (session 4)
21 September 2022 (session 1)
19 October 2022 (session 2)
23 November 2022 (session 3)

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