Publish Date:

28 March 2022

These resources are designed to support young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

  • SPARX is a computerised self-help programme intended to help people aged 12-19 who may be feeling down
  • Mental Wealth by Le Va provides online resources to help young people look after their mental health, and includes online counseling
  • The Lowdown provides videos and articles about anxiety and depression and also includes support through a free 24/7 helpline, text and webchat
  • Aroha is a chatbot to help young people cope with stress
  • Youthline provides support for young people via the fee call service, text and webchat
  • Melon Health provides online tools and resources to help people manage stressful times and also has an app available for download
  • Sparklers is a free online toolkit of wellbeing activities for tamariki Years 1 to 8.
  • 1737 is a free service for any New Zealander, including young people, that may be feeling down, anxious, a bit overwhelmed or just need to chat to someone. People can call or text for free 24/7.